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Appointment, treatment and management system for dental clinics.

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Dentic software includes all the key functionality that a private dental clinic needs for managing its practice.

For Receptionists

Effective and smart appointment booking and patient management that works the best on large screen monitor and laptop.

For Doctors

Comprehensive and fast to use dental charting for diagnosis, planning and treatment that works the best on tablet and laptop.

For Clinic Management

Efficient management of every important aspect of clinic management accessible from computer and for quick access from tablet of phone.

Effective Patient Management & Booking

Schedule new appointments and create new patients just in couple clicks with patient notes and reminders.

Comprehensive Diagnostics, Planning & Treatment

Create patient dental charts with diagnoses for each tooth, various custom treatment plans and treatment progress.

Detailed Clinic Analytics & Management

Improve your dental practice management and make it more cost-efficient with analytical reports and insights.


Other Solutions

Manual Appointment and Record Keeping

Manual appointment and record keeping on paper notebooks or in Microsoft Excel is inefficient and not user friendly.

Standart Health Clinic Software

Standart health clinic software even with included dentistry module is mostly too heavy and complicated for dental clinic.

Custom Clinic Specific Software

Development of custom clinic specific software is costly and time consuming, every update of the system is relatively expensive.


Dentic Dental Software

Effective and Secure Workflows

All data in Dentic doftware are stored securely in the cloud and can be safely accessed from any device anywhere.

Specific and Accurate Functionality

Functionality and workflows in Dentic software have been precisely developed for Dentistry industry specifics with nothing unnecessary.

Lower Cost and Regular Updates

Dentic software pricing is on small monthly fee basis and system can be used right away, updates are frequent and free.


We support dental clinics of all sizes ranging from small private practices up to companies with dozens of dental clinics.

One Chair

  • Unlimited Users
  • Easy Installation
  • Custom Onboarding
  • Outstanding Support
  • One Dental Chair

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One Clinic

  • Unlimited Users
  • Easy Installation
  • Custom Onboarding
  • Outstanding Support
  • Unlimited Dental Chairs

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Several Clinics

  • Unlimited Users
  • Easy Installation
  • Custom Onboarding
  • Outstanding Support
  • Unlimited Branches

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